Vision and Responsibility


Cooperate Social Responsibility

Our target is to build a friendly and law-abiding working environment, so bonding of our corporation can be strengthened and eventually brings greatest benefit for all people involved. We are strive to promote and improve social responsibility management system to enhance team performance as well as taking good care of living of our staff. Machinery, manufacture process, innovation, system and standard, operation and training—we have to keep all tools that we utilize for achieving goals evolving, having technology and trend assist our work and studying others’ successful model to improve our running.



“Keep surpassing ourselves”

Progressing is always an important motto for DCI. We spent two years in 2013-2014 to upgrade all our mold-injection machineries into automatic function, and increase two self-acting packaging lines for labeling and wrapping. This way we increased 15% production volume and successfully overcame labor shortage problem. Experienced workers and technicians actually benefit from this machinery upgrade by receiving 9% salary raise every year. Moreover, with trainings and bonus program offered by company, new recruit spend one week less getting familiar with process and operation. With various innovations, industrial design, patent of utility models, and setting fishing-line industry standards along these years, both factories in DCI group get High-tech Enterprise Certificate at China in 2016. We are encouraged to stand out as pioneer in the industry, by not only offering right products for our customers but also doing right things and as a right model for the society. By promising that, we even start to pursue SA8000 Certificate in July 2017.



“As a role model in modern society”

DCI has been devoted ourselves to offering comfortable workplace conditions and being generous to every team member, so we completely agree what Social Accountability International (SAI) advocates. Therefore, we further set up rules and regulations for our management system to make sure human right of our workers are well protected. We promise:


1. DCI does not hire any child labor, and is strongly against compulsory labor. 

2. We assure our employees a safe work place; food and water provided are all healthy and clean. 

3. Workers have freedom of association and right to negotiate salary, benefits and other aspects as a group or union with employer. 

4. Discrimination is condemned in our company—all human are created equal and should be treated without bias. 

5. Insulting and punishment that cause others suffering and pain are forbidden. 

6. Working hours, wages and related welfare program should meet national requirement, and fulfill local living standard. 

7. Company management system should perform regulation, supervision, and maintenance ability, so weakness and risk can be identified and build a stronger team.