1979, DCI was built by a group of experts in chemicals and materials at Taiwan. By the chance of finding an advanced material to substitute polyester for zippers, we discovered a high quality nylon monofilament.

Years after we started, a demand of line for commercial fishing of mullet came to us. Our team successfully invent a handy tool—single ply multifilament, which was widely applied on Taiwanese marine fisheries. DCI officially steps into fishing industry ever since. We sold hundred-tons of bulk fishing line to rig producers, fishing-net makers, and spooling factories.

By utilizing fine materials and strictly supervising every step along the process, we kept surpassing ourselves to provide various grades of monofilament with stable strength performance and consistent quality assurance.

As we started to feel that our insistence on perfection has to pass down to finished product, we began OEM in 2002. We extended with spooling section to dispense lines, injection department to produce different shapes of spool and plastic container, graphic designers and packaging department to manage presentation of final products. Only by watching all details by ourselves, can we hand in products do us proud and have anglers be fanatic with.  

Combining years of experience on manufacture fishing lines and 400 workers’ endeavors to hand in highest-quality products—DCI is a factory you can rely on.