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2017 October


Pursue for Another Achievement

After years of cooperation with well-known chain stores, we have passed many reviews of our workplace condition, social compliance performance, security and quality control ability. This year, we'll go after SA8000:2014 Certificate. With guidance of international regulations, we'll perform better on scope of cooperate social responsibility and protection of workers right.

Currently, we just passed initial audit and will enter stage two in November. With corrrective actions and improvement being done, Dah Sen may soon get our SA8000 certificate. More info about our CSR policy, please refer to "Company History"




2013 March

New Location, New Mission

Dah Sen's new location offers more possibilities to expand productivity.

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Few years ago, we faced challenges to acquire more space for warehouse and machinery at previous location, the one by a lake. Dah Sun and Dah Sen used to share the same campus, and as both factories expanded their businesses, space is inadequate to serve both's needs while we want to maintain greening area of our resort-like beautiful scenery. Construction took three years and we finally relocate Dah Sen at Daze Chuang Li Lai Industrial Park in January 2013. Total of thirty acres are used for warehouses and productions. Two injection machines and sixty braiding machines are increased to expand our production volume; moreover, two sets of automatic packaging line are built to serve continuous demands on cost-saving fishing lines.

With the branch factory's relocation, DCI can not only increase its production volume but also expand creativity on R&D. Stronger and endurable monofilament, higher knot-strength braided lines, various new coating technologies and novel idea for packaging will be presented to our partners. We endeavor to offer only most professional services and perfectly designed products to you.

2013 January



Chinese Tackle Manufacture Industry is Sick

Some tackle manufactures in China initiated destructive competitions trying to stand out, and their new way is registering others’ intellectual properties.

Following the announcement we made in June 2011 on the magazine, Tackle Trade World... Although having used NT for coding mono grades for more than 30 years, DCI failed to protect its own property in China. In December 2012, the court passed registration of the code to another local industrial competitor after years of legal proceedings. As a victim of this war, we would like to call our industry friends to support healthy competition and focus on providing good-quality products to users. While the new owner of this code celebrating their victory, DCI will use improved formula and strictly supervised process on all of our products in 2013 to enhance line’s stability (and with new codes naming our products for sure). More newly invented items will be shown, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.