Stiff Mono

photoBy using special nylon material, we create a high abrasion resistance stiff monofilament for hooking big fish under various tough situations: No matter you’re doing bottom fishing where leaders have to remain rigid and tangle-free, or fishing sharp-toothed predators. Stiff mono is a handy tool for both saltwater and freshwater anglers.

For stiffness, anti-friction ability and breaking strain performance, just like fluorocarbon being a great leader material, hard mono can even surpass fluorocabon by colors. Hard mono can be dyed into various colors to create better camouflage illusion to fish, and higher visibility for anglers.

We provide different stiffness levels of hard mono for users to get a line combining as many favorable characters as possible: little softness helps tying knots, extremely hard to maintain greatest abrasion resistance. Please contact with us for more details.