Abrasion Resistant Series

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We add special chemicals into copolymer to ameliorate monofilament’s abrasion resistant ability as well as smoothness, so PT Series, AT Series and LT Series are created to serve anglers’ needs of fishing at sharp-edge rugged surface and to increase their casting ability. For the increased smoothness and suppleness of the line, this series can make an angler cast about 10% further. These abrasion resistant series have been greatly used by American, Asian, Australian, European, and South American anglers who do carp fishing and surf casting. Whether fishing at freshwater or saltwater, these lines can act as either a great mainline material or snag leader—these lines works well at not only bottom of ponds and lakes, but also reefs along shore. The three series are different in light penetration, abrasiveness, as well as strength level (Comparison is made only among abrasion resistant lines):

AR comparison EN